Principal- Stuart Armistead

Armistead, Stuart.jpg

We have a wonderful team at Silverdale Normal School committed to ‘Making a Positive Difference’ for all our learners.  Our diverse staff bring a wide range of skills, talents and experiences that they love to share in and out of the classroom.

We focus on providing a personalised approach to our learners-  we know their strengths, next steps and work with our families to ensure they have a successful base to be ‘learners for life.

My wife Kelly and I have two daughters who keep us busy!  I enjoy all sports, music and have a real passion for learning- particularly in the areas of brain research and the innovative use of digital technologies.  I would love to show you around our fantastic, diverse school.


Deputy Principal- Michael Harrop

Harrop, Michael.jpg

Being part of such a wonderful school and community as Silverdale Normal School is such a privilege. We have incredible, courageous learners here that want to make the most of all the opportunities presented to them. I love to see students light up when they discover and inquire into their world, finding their talents, passions and interests along the way.

Having worked at an International School in China for several years, I have developed a huge passion for connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I enjoy the richness that our melting pot of cultures brings with all the different perspectives, experiences and understandings that come with it.

I would like to invite you in to our amazing school and see first hand our learning community in action. We are very proud of our Silverdale Learners and I’d be very happy to show you around, share with you a bit about our values and vision for the future and answer any questions that you might have.

Deputy Principal- Alana Curry

Curry, Alana.jpg

I am really excited to be working at Silverdale Normal School this year.  I have been teaching in a variety of schools and countries in my 15+ years experience and love to work with children of all ages. Everyday in a school is an interesting day, I learn as much from our experiences in the classroom as the students do. There is nothingbetter than feeling the buzz of a classroom that is working together for a common purpose and ‘sparking’ off the ideas of each other. I have two children – 6 and 9 years old – also at our school. I love the community feel of Silverdale Normal School and the diverse experiences our community bring with them. This year I work with Abby to teach Room 11 and am really looking forward to creating a dynamic learning environment for our learners. I can not wait to meet you all throughout the year. Please feel welcome in our room.

Senior Teachers- Brent Taylor, Deb Young

Taylor, Brent.jpg

Young, Deb.jpg




FEdu Associate Lecturer / SENCO- Sheana Goudie

Goudie, Sheana.jpg

Class Teachers

Meling, Teri.jpgRoom 1– Teri Meling
My name is Teri Meling and I am very excited to be part of the junior team at Silverdale School. I have been teaching in the junior area of the school for the last three years and really enjoy seeing young minds grow and develop in curiosity. I am passionate about environmental education. While I was completing my studies I was a volunteer broadcaster for a local radio station. My main focus was taking a half hour slot each week aimed at getting youth excited and involved in caring for and improving their local environments. When I’m not teaching I like to keep active by running, tramping and playing dodge ball. While doing an Outward Bound course in 2012, I set a goal to visit India and do some volunteer work in an orphanage. I am working towards achieving this in the next couple of years. I look forward to meeting with you and working alongside your children.

Room 2
– Jessica McMillanMcMillan, Jessica.jpg
Hello my name is Jessica McMillan and I am the classroom teacher in Room 2.  Ihave been teaching for 10 years and love being part of our Silverdale children’s learning journey.  I like to give children a wide variety of opportunities to share their learning and enjoy using art and dance as part of my learningactivities.  Room 2 welcomes parents, whanau, friends and our community to take part and participate in helping our students grow.  I run a lunchtime art class weekly and enjoy sharing skills I obtained during my studies of Fine Arts.

Edwards, Sandra.jpgRoom 3
– Sandra Edward
Hi my name is Sandra Edwards and I am passionate about education and believe that learning is a life long journey. I am very much looking forward to playing an active role in your child’s journey.
I am married with a grown up son and daughter and two adorable granddaughters. I have a keen interest in travelling the globe
experiencing different cultures, traditions, architecture and cuisines. When not working I enjoy kicking back reading a good book, listening to music or advising my husband on how he should be doing the gardens!

Room 4– Sharron Kavanagh
Kavanagh, Sharron.jpgMy name is Sharron Kavanagh and I am experienced teacher who has taught in both junior and senior classes. I enjoy the challenges in responding to changes in teaching and learning. This year, I am teaching in Room 4 and look forward to getting to know the children and being part of their learning journey.

I am married to John and have four children and two grandchildren and enjoy being part of their lives. In my spare time, I love reading, doing crosswords and jigsaws, walking and catching up with friends.

Vassella, Sarah.jpgRoom 6/7– Sarah Vassella
Hi I’m Sarah Vassella and I’m the New Entrant teacher here at Silverdale Normal. I have been teaching in the Waikato for 8 years and teaching juniors is where I feel I fit best. I live in Cambridge with my husband who is also a teacher. We usually spend our weekends in sunny cafes, with friends and family or following our interests. We have travelled together through Canada and America, Europe and and some of our neighbouring islands but NZ will always be home.

Room 8– Deb YoungYoung, Deb.jpg
I’m Deb Young, Senior Teacher of the Junior School, Literacy Leader and classroom teacher in Room 8.

I taught at Southwell School here in Hamilton for the last twelve and a half years, seven of them as a Dean (Senior Teacher) of the Junior Classes. Prior to this I have taught in Hastings and Gisborne schools for several years. My last job before coming to Southwell was as  a Senior Teacher at Mangapapa School in Gisborne, taking charge of syndicates at differing year levels,from Years One to Five. I have a real interest in Literacy and think it is really important to focus on Literacy and Numeracy, particularly with our younger learners.
I would have to admit that the junior students are my favourites. I love their open

ness and willingness to have a go. On a personal note, I have two very grown-up children, who both live overseas. I have a daughter in Melbourne, Australia and a son who lives in Edmonton, Canada. I love to visit them in the holidays as much as I can.

Abby.jpgCurry, AlanaRoom 11– Alana Curry and Abby Tuck




Room 12– Brent TaylorTaylor, Brent.jpg
First of all I just want to say how excited I am to have the privilege to teach at Silverdale Normal School. I have two daughters Eliana who is 3 years old and loves dancing and my second daughter Lucia is 1 ½ years old, she loves strawberries and is mischievous.  My wife Stacey loves sports especially netball and the outdoors. I like sports too and I especially enjoy rugby, kayaking, fishing and volleyball. I enjoy gardening, building things, the beach, fishing, exploring new places, helping on the farm and spending time with my family. As a teacher I really enjoy getting to know each and everyone of my students and learning from them. I enjoy teaching all subjects but especially Science, P.E, Writing and Outdoor Education.  My goal for next year is to learn to play the guitar so if you know how to, I would appreciate any help!

Paterson, Judy.jpg

Room 13– Judy Paterson
Hi my name is Judy Paterson. I have been working at Silverdale for 1 year. It is such a fantastic place to work.  I have mainly taught in the senior level in schools, and these students are my favourite to teach. As a teacher I really enjoy getting to know my students, involving myself in their learning and seeing them sparkle with success. I am married to an awesome guy named Trent and I have 3 great children who are aged 10, 14 and 15.  The boys in my family are into riding motor-cross, my daughter pony riding, and myself netball – so we are all pretty active. I love being involved in their activities and their growth in life. I live on a dairy farm at Lake Karapiro, and during the summer we spend loads of time water skiing, wakeboarding and biskiting on the lake. Our door is always open and anyone is welcome to see the learning happening in Room 13.

Room 14– Janice MuirMuir, Janice.jpg
I have been teaching for ten years and absolutely love being a teacher! I am married to a super cool guy called Brendon and we have two sons. Dylan is 5 and Max is 4.  As a family we enjoy fun adventures and the outdoors. Last year we lived in Canada for the year and had heaps of adventures: road tripping, camping, snowboarding, making new friends and being tourists! I look forward to being your teacher and being part of your learning journey. Helping you work hard, stretch your brain, while having heaps of fun! I love books, anything creative, sports and outdoors, new fun ideas, and much much more!


Room 16-  Nic Wilson

Mandarin Learning Assistant 张婷  Zhang TingZhang, Ting.jpg
Hello, my name is Zhang Ting. I am now working as a Mandarin Language Assistant  at Silverdale Normal School. I love every aspect of school life. I enjoy working together with my students to explore more possibilities in ourselves. My passions for language, culture and teaching, are simple but overwhelminglystrong and have supported my choice of being a Mandarin teacher here. I enjoy reading, music, hiking, traveling, listening to different life stories and searching for new ideas. I am more than willing and happy to have you observe my classroom whenever I teach. Oh, it is sooo lovely to work and live here in New Zealand!

Learning Hub – Alison Trenwith / Jo Deverson / Bernie Moffat
Trenwith, Alison.jpg Deverson, Joanne.jpg




Reading Recovery – Anna Harrop

Harrop, Anna.jpg





ORS Teacher – Sarah McDonald

Macdonald, Sarah.jpg





Support Staff
Executive Officer
Priscilla Thatcher

Thatcher, Priscilla.jpg

Financial Officer
Barbara-Anne Montgomery

Montgomery, Barbara Anne.jpg

Property Manager
Nikorn Banjerdlert

Banjerdlert, Nikon.jpg

Learning Assistants Abbie Wilson, Latoia Workman-Whatarangi, Bonnie Jeffrey, Carla Montford (ICT/Library-Aide), Aimee Wilson, Dan Neville, Rongo Bell, Ryan McLachlan, Kiri Cossey

Wilson, Abbie.jpgWorkman-Whatarangi, Latoia.jpgJeffrey, Bonnie.jpgMontford, Carla.jpg

Wilson, Aimee.jpg

Neville, Daniel.jpgBell, Rongo.jpg









Music Tutors 

Trumpet /Trombone /Clarinet / Saxophone- Stewart Stanbridge.


Flute and Fife- Jade Browne.

Piana, Guitar and Ukelele- Anna Mills

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