Principal’s Message


Welcome to Silverdale Normal School’s website!

Our school’s every action is based upon doing our best to prepare our learners for their futures.

In 2028, students who start school this year will be starting their careers or going to university.  We can’t predict what jobs will exist, how technology will have changed or where in the world our children will be living…. However research helps us in determining what skills, attitudes, and values will be essential for their success.

This vision is represented in our learner, created by the Silverdale Normal Learning Community.

We believe success at Silverdale Normal School

Will evolve from quality Relationships

Will value foundation skills and learning to learn dispositions

Promote Collaboration

Provide Challenge

Be Personalised- Culturally Aware

Be Fun!


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  1. H i was great to see that your school was the recipicant of the harcourts foundation for your spoke very well at our meetung.obviously you took over from russell young who i grew up with.kind regards lyn keith harcourts


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