Our fit for purpose classrooms

At Silverdale Normal School we have designed fit for purpose classrooms that are aimed at providing a range of spaces for our children to learn. All of our classrooms have new furniture of varying heights which allows our children to work in a variety of ways, either on the floor, sitting or standing. This has proved to be very popular with our children and it has added vibrancy to our classroom environments. The classrooms have also been designed to enable students to learn both collaboratively and independently.


We used research to help us to create classrooms that would best suit our learners. In 2010 OECD produced a document called ‘The Nature of Learning: Using Research to Inspire Practice.’ Leading researchers from Europe and North America were invited to take different perspectives on learning, aiming to understand how and under what conditions people learn. With the help of leading international experts, from Europe and North America they created seven “principles” to guide the design of learning environments for the 21st century.

1. Learners at the centre

2. The social nature of learning

3. Emotions are integral to learning

4. Recognising individual differences (how does the individual child like to learn?)

5. Stretching all students

6. Assessment for learning (what do you know and what do you need to improve?)

7. Building horizontal connections (building relationships)

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