Enrolments can be made through our school office or by filling in the documents attached at the bottom of this page. These can either be scanned and sent to our office staff by e mail office@silverdale.school.nz or can be handed in personally.

Our Principal or Deputy Principals are always available to show you around our beautiful school and to have a conversation with you regarding any questions or queries that you have about your child and their potential enrolment at our school.

Flag 01

2018 Enrolment Form


Early Childhood Education Participation

Junior School Responsible Use Agreement

Parent Declaration

Senior School Responsible UseAgreement


  1. Hi, I want my daughter can study in your school for 2 weeks. I don’t know how to do. Can you tell me. Thank you very much.



  2. Hi there, are you a zoned school? Do you look at accepting out of zone children? I really like the look of this school


  3. Hey there would like to enrol my seven year old into this school on Monday 20 June, we have just recently relocated and unfortunately do not have any type of I.D for her. Is it still possible to enrol her and possibly get past enrolment records from her previous school?


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