Parent Consultation

This year we are consulting with our community about what we need to do to set up our learners for their futures.  In 2028 students who start their schooling today will be entering the workforce.  We don’t know what careers will exist or how technologies would have changed, but a range of researchers suggest that our children will be growing up in a far different world.  The advent of a wide range of technologies has effectively shrunk the world- we now interact with people from all countries and cultures…..a true global village.  What does this mean for schools?  At Silverdale Normal we believe that learning programmes should focus on the foundation skills of literacy and mathematics with ‘learning to learn’ dispositions woven into the learning.  The ‘learning to learn’ attributes are represented by our learner diagram below (in draft).

We started by showing this video which shows what the world will look like in 2028.

In Term Two the school is revising its curriculum.  This curriculum will be based on the key concepts that our community believe our students need to be exposed to in their six years at Silverdale Normal.  From this base we will ensure that learning experiences are real, meaningful, culturally responsive and connected to their lives.

This is our learner vision as it currently stands after numerous consultations with our community. We will be consulting with our learners, parents, whanau and community in Term Two to help us to design our future focussed curriculum. We look forward to working with you all on this.

SNS Learner Final

2015 Silverdale Normal School Charter

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