The End of our School Year

On Thursday afternoon we held our End of Year Celebration which gave the opportunity

  • for our Pasifika Group, Kapa Haka and School Choir to perform to an amazing standard
  • for some of our Year 6 students to speak about their time at Silverdale Normal
  • to acknowledge many students’ achievement, attitude and effort during the second half of the year
  • to award our special Year Six awards
  • and to fondly farewell our Year Six students, Zhang Ting and Sheana Goudie

We would like to acknowledge and congratulate the following students:

  • Recipient of the ‘Silverdale Normal School’ Academic Trophy – Emilie Don
  • Recipient of the ‘Goile Family’ Special All Round Person Award – Gabby Jackson
  • Recipient of the ‘Russell Young’ Award for Citizenship – Lavelua Kaufononga
  • Recipients of the ‘Parent Teacher Group’ Service to School Award – Grace Hill and Almas Khan
  • Recipient of the ‘Hockey Family’ Dedication to Music Award – Raetara David
  • Recipient of the ‘Tamaiparea’ Sports Award – Noah Mills
  • Recipient of the ‘Trenwith’ Visual Arts Award – William Johnson
  • Recipient of the ‘Goudie’ SENCO Award – Alexis Taylor-Hewitt


Merit Certificates

  • Music – Stella Callagher
  • Sport – Moihi Pohutuhutu and Ethan Clothier
  • Art – Caryl Aurelio
  • Citizenship – Jake Gray
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