Matangi Football Exchange

Today we hosted Matangi school for our football exchange. Our Year 3/ 4 Girls played an exhilarating game, eventually losing 4-2 to an excellent Matangi team. The Year 3/4 Boys team played well despite losing 6-0 to an extremely clinical Matangi team who were full of energy and fight. Finally our Year 5/6 Girls team won 5-3 in a game where the momentum ebbed and flowed.

The most important thing was that all the boys and girls had a wonderful time competing against each other. The respect shown between the teams was extraordinary and made the day even more enjoyable for the participants and spectators alike. It is always a joy and a privilege for our students to host other schools for sports exchanges as it creates memories for our children that will last forever. We thank Matangi for participating today and the parents for the transport that you provided to and from school, as well as the support you gave both schools. Our schools continue to develop a relationship that really benefits our children. We look forward to bringing our Year 5/6 Boys team to Matangi for your tournament next Thursday.


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