Lest we Forget

This morning our student leaders ran an ANZAC memorial service.  It was fantastic to see our learners displaying high levels of respect in remembering those who sacrificed their lives.  The theme of the morning was to reflect on how fortunate we are and how those who served our country displayed many of the dispositions played out in the vision of our Silverdale Normal Learner.

We look forward to many of our boys and girls attending services on ANZAC Day.  Our school leaders will be representing Silverdale Normal School in Hamilton.

  Poppy youth

Poppy’s stand for blood.

The blood the soldiers lost for our sake.

The blood that was shed on the battlefield

That still remains.

And in this moment of silence we remember them

And who are to us.

They sacrificed there life for us so we can be safe.

What we can do in return is to say that they

Are there with us. Lest we forget.

( By Iqlas Mohamed)

Poppy PoppyTwo soldiers from the Queen

Poppy Poppy

What did you save?

Injured soldiers blessed by me.

Poppy Poppy

Where do you lay?

Between the crosses row by row.

Poppy Poppy

What do you hear?

Gun shots firing everywhere.

Poppy Poppy

What do you remember?

Soldiers marching one by one.

Poppy Poppy

What shall we know?

Peace on earth will grow grow grow.

Janiah Leef

   Little poppy

I have a little poppy

As red as can be

To show my love for

The ones who fought

To make us free.

Mikalah Blackett


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