New Entrant Books, Thank you Carla, Congrats Claire

One of the things that makes our school so special is that Silverdale Normal School’s Parent Teacher Group gifts each New Entrant into our school a new book as a welcome present. It is an amazing gesture and one that is appreciated greatly by all the children and it helps to bring reading into the home.

Today we gave our newest students some books and their faces lit up with excitement. It is always a joy to see.

I would like to take this time to thank Carla Montford who has rescinded her role as Chairperson of the PTG after many years of dedicated service. I am sure we all agree that she has made a positive difference to our school and our community in her role and her hard work and dedication has been greatly appreciated by all stakeholders at Silverdale Normal School. We also welcome Claire Dowsett as our new PTG chair, and we are sure she will bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to this role moving forward. Congratulations and we look forward to working with you in this capacity as the year progresses.

As always we thank all of our PTG members for their continued support of the school, it is so amazing to have such dedicated parents giving back to our school.

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