South East Hamilton Cross Country


On Friday we sent some of our students to the South East Hamilton cluster cross country at Porritt stadium. Our students represented the school superbly in the wet conditions. It was an arduous course and the conditions were difficult, but every child had a positive can do attitude and knew what to do when things got tough and persisted to complete the course in the best time possible. It is fair to say that they “Made a Positive Difference” by representing the school so well.

Year 4 Boys

Slade Mitchell- 25th

Noah Mills- 24th

Gabriel Tuhoro- 35th

Year 4 Girls

Stella Callagher- 14th

Emilie Don- 23rd

Gabby Jackson- 25th

Year 5 Boys

James Lightbourne- 30th

Mark Abuel- 37th

Year 5 Girls

Mikalah Blackett- 6th

Connie Wilton- 25th

Lucie Scarle- 33rd

Year 6 Boys

Levi Miller- 2nd

Saddam Suleiman- 5th

Sika Tuivailala- Retired

Year 6 Girls

Sebin Chung- 28th
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